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An unprecedented live tour by three idol groups started from February 6, at Shinjuku BLAZE, Tokyo. It’s called “THE POSSIBOOOO vs. Yuu Kikkawa vs. UPUPGRILS (KARI) ~ Yuu Kikkawa to Possi Possi Girls (KARI) ~”. It was announced on February 23, at Fushimi JAMMIN, Nagoya, that the three groups are going to form a new unit “Team Makenki (KARI)“. The Japanese “Makenki” means fighting instinct, or strong spirit. “Team Makenki” can be translated as “Girls of Spirit”.

During live, there was a suggestion to create a new organization that has more competitive characteristic than other idol groups. A member of UPUPGIRLS (KARI), Ayano Sato, gave a name to the organization. (KARI) shows it has not officially set yet, but temporary.

The unit starts things off by mail delivery to all subscribers at no charge. A special notice is sent by e-mail at any time. Let’s join to check the further movement of the three groups and Team Makenki!

Official Fan club site of Team Makenki (KARI)

Member comment:
Syoko Robin Okada (THE POSSIBOOOO)

“UPUP has much momentum, nobody can’t stop Yuu Kikkawa who has a great figure. We’ve been through the same time, the same training at Hello! Project. After breaking into separate groups, we now unite as one. That makes me feel I can go anywhere with them. Because staff behind the scene have been active about this, it may be the time for us to take it. Please cheer us Please!”

Yuu Kikkawa

“Team Makenki (KARI)!! After graduating from H!P egg, we’ve gone different ways! We had a variety of experience, we grew up big in all senses! It’s a collective action after a long time for me who is usually a solo! I enjoy the rehearsals everytime! I am being overwhelmed by the physical strength of UPUP, awesome performance of POSSIBLE! In rivalry with my “Wagamama body”, I see some of the members start having unique characteristics such as “marshmallow”, “bullet”, “sweet devil”, but I’ll continue doing my best as “Wagamama body”! Team Makenki (KARI), please keep cheering for us!!”

Minami Sengoku (UPUPGIRLS (KARI))

“Team Makenki (KARI) is a team to fight with a burning heart, a team to turn things around. Our spirits, guts, and competitive hearts don’t lose any idols’ one! We’ve been through a lot of hardships in this idol industry, and we’ve got a great education from those. We’re not an idol of the past, in fact, we haven’t started yet! We’ll survive the age of idol wars!!”

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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