Team Syachihoko Team up With Shimajiro for Summer Collaboration Song!

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Team Syachihoko Team up With Shimajiro for Summer Collaboration Song!

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Team Syachihoko received amazing news during their “Hitori Idol no Rappu” live for HMV’s 25th anniversary at ZEPP NAGOYA on June 16th.


Shimajiro, popular character from the children’s anime, made a surprise appearance to announce that he would be collaborating with them for a song titled “Jirijiri Natsu-Katsu Iin-Kai”. With the music being handled by Takashi Asano, who had previously written “Dakishimete Anthem” and “Otome Juken Sensou”, making it a triple collaboration! The song would be featured on Shimajiro’s YouTube channel and will be broadcast on “Shimajiro no Wow!” from July, 2015.


For the last song of the night, guest DJs “air band” comedians Dainoji (they often wear tiger themed outfits) joined Team Syachihoko and Shimajiro for “Dera Disco”, turning the stage into a blur of stripes!

Following up on the tie-up with famous anime “Tensai Bakabon”, Team Syachihoko has gained a valuable collaboration with another beloved Japanese icon in Shimajiro. Other highlights of their upcoming summer include Hokkaido music festival Join Alive in July and Syachi Summer 2015 at Nagoya resort/theme park Laguna Ten Bosch on August 28.

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