Team Syachichoco, “It’s brick outside, so stay Warm by eating Chocolate!”

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Team Syachichoco, “It’s brick outside, so stay Warm by eating Chocolate!”

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Team Syachichoco“, the limited unit provided by Team Syachihoko held an event in their home town Nagoya, Aichi, on February 8 for the first time as Syachichoco.

Team Syachichoco took a ceremonial photo with Haruna Saka”Choco” who has just joined the team for Haruna Sakamoto. Sakamoto is taking a brief pause to pass entrance examinations. Then they visited “Syachi” shrine that is temporary built inside of HMV Sakae, Nagoya, to dedicate letters of encouragement to Sakamoto.

The team, including Sakachoco, went to Nagoya PARCO while giving fans and people on a street, words such as “Konnichoco~! We are Syachichoco~!”

They greeted to the fans and showed off their new song “Daisuki!” to wrap up the event.


Their new song to be released on February 14, and the special video that the members challenge handmade chocolate, are now available on the “LOTTE × Team Syachichoco” special site. Also, special movie that each members show off how to hand a chocolate, will be available tomorrow, on February 11.

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Team Syachichoko special website :

written by Yuji Hara

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