SUPER☆GiRL! Sneak Peek at Nana Asakawa’s Young Magazine Gravure Mega-Feature!

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SUPER☆GiRL! Sneak Peek at Nana Asakawa’s Young Magazine Gravure Mega-Feature!

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History repeats itself as the legend of Nana Asakawa (aka Naapon) continues to grow! The 2nd generation member of SUPER☆GiRLS who has been dubbed the “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (dougan kyonyuu)”, has stepped in front of the camera once again, this time on the cover of weekly seinen (young adult) manga anthology Young Magazine! Actually, it is being reported that photos of the fresh-faced Asakawa will be featured from cover to cover in the upcoming issue! The issue will hit newsstands on August 24th so don’t say that you weren’t warned!




When Asakawa received her first photo spread in the July 6, 2015 issue of Shuukan Playboy, Internet users were buzzing with the appearance of this “legendary beauty” and that was only for 5 pages! What will happen when she basically takes over an entire magazine? Will there even be room for the normally included manga?

Behind the Scenes

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We aren’t quite sure about what Japan’s obsession with things that happen only once every 1,000 years. Rina Miyazaki, who also belongs to SUPER☆GiRLS, was given the title of “once in 1,000 years ‘flat-chested idol’ (hinyuu aidoru)” around the time that Asakawa made her magazine debut. If you can’t wait until the magazine is released, the MV for SUPER☆GiRLS’ 13th single “Icchatte♪ Yacchatte♪” is full of scenes of “Naapon” and the other members in swimsuits. There is also a version that includes a Blu-ray in case YouTube quality is insufficient!

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