SUPER☆GIRLS become Miko (Shirine Maiden), Dedicates Calligraphy to Shirine

SUPER☆GIRLS become Miko (Shirine Maiden), Dedicates Calligraphy to Shirine

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Avex’s first idol group, SUPER☆GIRLS and calligrapher Sekijo Kaneda dedicated a calligraphy to the god of Musashi-Ichinomiya Hikawa Shirine, Saitama, on February 10.

The collaboration was realized at the suggestion of Sekijo Kaneda, who visited the shooting of a music video of SUPER☆GIRLS before. He believes that writing with a brush lead you to confront yourself and to extend the ability of expression.

Beneath the cold sky, they showed up dressing in Miko style which they never tried.

Although most of the members haven’t made a calligraphy before, they wrote a stunning Japanese as the calligrapher Sekijo Kaneda was impressed. It was the moment that they displayed the powers of concentration cultivated through the activity of SUPER☆GIRLS, and the ability to exert maximum performance on a real stage.

Ami Maeshima wrote “Koufuku Jinsei (Happy Life)”, and spoke “To dedicate a calligraphy must be a once in a lifetime experience, so I decided to write the theme of my life. I put such my heart into a calligraphy.”

Reira Arai wrote “Hon-nou no mama (Stay instinctual)”, and that surprised Kaneda again.

Sekijo Kaneda has always taught his disciples that the important thing in artistic expression is to focus on what you do, irrespective of sex or age. It was surprising for him to see that young girls in front of him already knew the lesson without teaching.

SUPER☆GIRLS reviewed their day speaking “The “once in a lifetime” dedication had a sobering effect and made our senses finely honed. It renewed our enthusiasm.”

We can’t miss further activities of SUPER☆GIRLS who swore to themselves more strongly a new commitment to the future.

written by Yuji Hara

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