SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate their 4th Anniversary with iDol Street Family

SUPER☆GiRLS Celebrate their 4th Anniversary with iDol Street Family

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On the 21st, on the battlefield of Brazil, the Japanese national football team had an important game against Greece. On the very next day, it was the girl’s turn. This time, they gave a declaration and a hot performance, on the battlefield of the Tokyo Dome City Hall, in the hope of becoming the Japanese national pop idol team. The 70 pop idols declared at the top of their voices, who wore a number 71 on their back.


On the June 12th 2010, 12 girls were selected from 7000 applicants to form a pop idol group, the SUPER☆GiRLS, who commemorated their 4th anniversary this year. The SUPER☆GiRLS were joined by Cheeky Parade, GEM, and iDOL Street – Street Sei, all junior groups from the same “iDOL Street” record label, for the “SUPER☆GiRLS 4th Anniversary SP Idol Street Carnival 2014”.

With the aim of being the Japanese national team of the idol world, they showed up in identical uniforms, with a fighting spirit to match.

The number 71 uniform was to show that, in addition to the 70 idols, their supporters are the 71st members. The 2000 fans gathered in the concert hall were united by the notion, as the performance took place.

During the live show, they premiered “A HA HA! ~Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo~” the 11th SUPER☆GiRLS single, which will be released on August 13th.

The SUPER☆GiRLS’ summer song is usually a “swim wear song”, and they appear wearing swim wear in their music videos every year. This time however, the themes of the song are laughter, and the summer festival. The costumes are yukatas and the song is more of a festival orientated song.

The new single started with a traditional Japanese style beat, and soon changed to a juxtaposing up-tempo J-pop song. It caused quite a stir from the 2000 audience members.

For this premiere, the SUPER☆GiRLS performed together with all 70 iDOL Street members. The SUPER☆GiRLS costumes were an original yukata, made from special made-to-order fabric, and covered in their logos. Cheeky Parade wore mischievous happi jackets, and GEM and Idol Street Street Sei also appeared on stage in lovely yukatas. It was a beautiful and fascinating performance, which really got the heat up amongst the audience, in anticipation of the coming summer.

During the show, they used the Internet to show a special “back stage live 3D broadcast.” The camera alternated between the group members on the stage, members coming off the stage, and those preparing for their next performance. There was always someone in front of the camera. This beckons in a “new age of the live idol performance”, where cameras can be on all the time, following the group members around behind-the-scenes, during breaks and eating times, or even after the show has finished.


The “SUPER☆GiRLS Halloween super-spectacle at Sanrio Puroland” has been confirmed for Saturday, October 25th. Other members of the iDOL Street project will join SUPER☆GiRLS to hijack Sanrio Puroland. Last year, in an unprecedented collaborative event, the girls appeared as cast members on the attractions and parades. The event was so popular, that they decided to do it again this Halloween.

Additionally, the group will be releasing their 3rd photo book on August 27th.

iDOL Street has entered the fifth year since the project was launched.
There is no doubt that it will evolve more powerful and become a representative of Japanese idol industry!

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Ahhahha! - Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo - / SUPER GiRLS

Ahhahha! - Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo - / SUPER GiRLS

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