SUPER☆GiRLS Set Sail for High Seas Adventure in the MV for “Love Summer!!!”

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SUPER☆GiRLS Set Sail for High Seas Adventure in the MV for “Love Summer!!!”

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A revamped SUPER☆GiRLS hoist anchor on the MV for “Love Summer!!!” (release date: August 31)!

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Just when you thought 2016 was going to be a year without a SUPER☆GiRLS summer single, “Love Summer!!!” puts those fears to rest with a near-textbook example of what an idol song should be. The new members are placed with their seniors, making sure they aren’t left behind in the shadows. Luna Ozawa (ex-NAGOYA Chubu) is with Nana Asakawa and new leader Ami Maeshima as they spot the others from their lookout high above the seaside. Shiori Nagao (ex-NAGOYA Chubu) is a shy waitress serving Rika Shimura, Rina Miyazaki, and Mirei Tanaka as they cool off with some parfaits. Yumeri Abe (ex-TOKYO Yume Piyo-gumi) joins Risa Uchimura and Ruka Mizote on a boat cruise. Sakurako Kidoguchi (ex-Sapporo Snow Loveits, ex-TOKYO Yume Piyo-gumi) and Hotaru Ishibashi join the Watanabes (Hikaru and Koume) to clean up a pool.

Here are all the individual member clips from the song!

Here are some screenshots!

“Love Summer!!!” will be released in a CD/Blu-ray version and a CD version. The Blu-ray includes the full-length MV and making of video for “Love Summer!!!”. The coupling song for both versions is titled “Koi wa Shoshinsha no Mark”. There are also 14 solo member versions available exclusively on mu-mo or SUPER☆GiRLS events.

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