Join the Social Idol Group “notall” Project and Become a Producer!

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Join the Social Idol Group “notall” Project and Become a Producer!

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notall is a “social idol” group created on May 30, 2014 where details like the group’s name, nicknames of the members, logo and costume design were decided through the use of social media.

Their debut single “Ready Girl/Boku no Kakera/Mirai Chikyuugi”, which will be released in CD form on October 23, 2014, took the #1 spot on Amazon Japan’s best seller ranking for digital music when it was available for download on September 19th.

The single was made possible through the online suggestions of fans and creators in regards to the music, costumes, and photography. “Boku no Kakera” was composed by Ken Yoshino, the costumes on the CD jacket were designed by Rie Fukuda, and the back cover artwork was created from pictures taken and uploaded by fans who attended events. On the inside of the CD booklet, all the names of those who contributed to the project are credited as “social producers”.

Contributor Wanted!!

“Ready Girl” was used in a “HOOKUP MIX/REMIX Contest” where fans could upload their mixes of the song online. In addition to being awarded a prize, the winner’s version of the song would be included in a future notall CD release. Even if you don’t know how to remix songs or design costumes, you can still support notall by attending events, taking pictures and video, and uploading them with #notall_photo for still pictures or #notall_movie for video to Facebook or Twitter.

Song: notall – “Ready Girl”
Submission Period: October 10, 2014 – November 10, 2014
Result Announcement: December 5, 2014/10/15
See more at Website :

Any other ideas may be submitted at the following site (Japanese only):

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Ready Girl/Boku no Kakera/Mirai Chikyuugi

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