Everyone is a Star! Who is the Future Center? SKE48 Solo Concert Day 1

Everyone is a Star! Who is the Future Center? SKE48 Solo Concert Day 1

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SKE48 gave all of its members a chance to shine with “Minna ga Shuyaku! SKE48 59-nin no Solo Concert~Mirai no Center wa Dare da?~” their 2 day concert at Aichi Prefectural Art Theater. It was also the debut of their 8th generation kenkyuusei. Here are some highlights from the first day!

November 19, 2016 – Afternoon

Chikako Matsumoto, who was celebrating her 17th birthday that day, got things started with “Madogiwa LOVER”, “Seventeen”, and “Mae Shika Mukanee”, showing off her piano skills. Yume Noguchi cooked up some of her special fried rice to top off her 2 songs “Kareha no Station” and “Taiikukan de Choushoku wo”. Suzuran Yamauchi brought some late-night sexiness with “Kuchi Utsushi no Chocolate”, “Itoshisa no defense”, and “Heart Gata Virus”.

Co-leader of Team E and Tochigi native Nao Fukushi danced alongside Sano city brand character Sanomaru; Rara Goto sang English versions of “Sekai ni wa Ai Shika nai”, “Mushi no Ballad”, and “Gonna Jump”. Yuna Ego sang her song from AKB49 “Mini Skirt no Yosei” before deciding on the next song “Warukii” by tossing a dart at a board. Haruka Kumazaki cast a spell on the fans with her Dreaming Girls center song “Seifuku wo Kita Meitantei”.

Finishing up the main performance was Akari Suda who shared that as one of the oldest members, she was mistaken for a staff member before jumping into a cover of Chisato Moritaka’s “Watashi ga Obasan ni Nattemo”.

The 8th generation made their debut on the stage during the encore, performing “Sansei Kawaii!”. With the exception of Ayaha Atsumi, who was absent due to illness that day, it was 18 of the 19 fresh new members.

November 19, 2016 – Evening

Mina Oba ran through a medley of Nogizaka46 songs “Kizuitara Kataomoi”, “Romance no Start”, and “Girl’s Rule” before shouting for her manager to stop the music. Actor Toru Nomaguchi ran onto the stage playing the manager and Oba caused the audience to laugh when she asked if it was okay for her to transfer to Nogizaka46 because she felt that someone like a face like hers was vital to the “rival group”. Shiori Aoki showed off her calligraphy skills during her performance of “Kizashi”, writing some of the lyrics on a giant piece of paper. Akane Takayanagi channeled her inner Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with “Fashion Monster”, “Ninja Re Bang Bang”, and “Tsukema Tsukeru”. Rion Azuma displayed the results of her diligent sanshin practice with “Kaette Koiyou” before turning to her piano for “Tsuyogari Dokei”.

Hidaka was in for a surprise when she showed off her imitation of former Chunichi Dragons player Kazuki Inoue as the real person showed up on stage next to her!
Ruka Kitano was joined by 30 dancers for her “yosakoi SKE48” versions of “Sansei Kawaii!!” and Chicken LINE”.

After performing a Nagoya version of “Teppen Tottande” during the encore, Aichi prefecture governor Hideaki Omura appeared to thank SKE48 for supporting the prefecture and presented Akane Takayanagi with a bouquet of “SKE48 orange” flowers.

Closing with “I love AICHI”, SKE48 ended the first day of their member solo concerts.

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