SKE48 & HKT48 hold a Joint Handshake Event in Nagoya Dome

SKE48 & HKT48 hold a Joint Handshake Event in Nagoya Dome


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To celebrate the release of SKE48‘s 14th single “Mirai towa? (What Is The Future?)”, and HKT48’s 3rd single “Sakura Minna de Tabeta (Cherry Blossoms, We All Ate Together)”, a joint handshake event was held at the Nagoya Dome in Aichi prefecture. This is the first time two 48 groups have held a joint handshake event, and the venue was very lively with the fans of both groups.

As the announcer introduced the group members, they came into the venue full of energy, stretching their hands above their heads like a high school baseball team. With SKE covering one base, and HKT covering three, the members lined up as if they were about to play a game of baseball, and the curtain was raised on the joint handshake event.

img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_08 img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_05 img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_12
The members exchanged souvenirs from their different localities. HKT brought some of Hakata’s special pollack roe, and SKE gave them some of Nagoya’s famous chicken wings.
Also, a mini live performance was announced featuring members from both of the two groups, and the fans were treated to a spectacle never before seen at a handshake event.

img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_06 img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_10 img_SKEHKT_JointEvent_11

After the event, Matsui said “That was fun! I want to do it again next time we go to Fukuoka!”, and HKT’s Rino Sashihara also said, “This joint handshake event was the best! Next time I want to do one with NMB48 too!”

Joint handshake event would be a totally new style of 48 groups’ fan meeting.

Photo (c)AKS

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