Anime “Shingeki no Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL” Characters

Anime “Shingeki no Bahamut: VIRGIN SOUL” Characters

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While not as monstrously popular as that other Shingeki series, Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (in English Rage of Bahamut: Genesis) holds its own. The series first aired from October 2014 to December 2014 and surprised many anime viewers by its sharp animation and fast pace especially as a show based on a Japanese battle card game.

Brought to life by director Keiichi Sato (Tiger & Bunny) and writer Keiichi Hasegawa (Astro Boy), Shingeki no Bahamut bursts with energy and zeal against a cinematic score written by Yoshihiro Ike (Tiger & Bunny, Ergo Proxy). For fans of Tiger & Bunny, this series has an air reminiscent of the series since Shingeki no Bahamut reunites may of the voice actors such as Barnaby Brook Jr. Morita Morikazu and staff like director Sato from the series.

Shingeki no Bahamut takes place in Mistarcia, a world where magic is real and humans, gods, and demons coexist. Two thousand years before the series takes place, Bahamut, a terrifying winged monster, threatened to obliterate the world. Faced with destruction, gods, demons, and humans joined forces to seal Bahamut. The key for the seal was divided into two, one-half for the gods and the other half to the demons. While the world is at peace when the series begins, this peace is soon disturbed when Amira steals the god’s half of the key.

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Starting April 2017, the second season of this series titled Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul will hit the airwaves. In anticipation for the coming second season, the following is a character overview for those who need a quick refresher on who’s who of the main characters. Be warned! There will, of course, be spoilers!

Favaro Leone

Voice Actor: Yoshino Hiroyuki

Favaro Leone is a womanizing bounty hunter and the target to Kaisar Lidfald’s scorn at the beginning of series. A son of a leader of bandits and an “honorable thief,” Favaro is childhood friends to Kaisar. However, Favaro’s father inadvertently caused the death of Kaisar’s father.

One day after escaping from Kaisar once again, Favaro encounters a mysterious young woman named Amira who forges a “contract” with him against his will. Favaro suddenly grows a tail as a result of the contract. In order to restore his freedom and rid himself of the tail, Amira tells him that he needs to bring her to Helheim so she can meet her mother.



Voice Actor: Shimizu Risa

Amira is a half-demon/half-angel created by her father Belzebuth to release the Bahamut. Despite her appearance as a young woman, she is actually five years old, her growth accelerated by demons. Though young, Amira is skilled in combat what one can revert to her demon form while in battle.

In the beginning of the series, Amira steals the God Key used to seal Bahamut as part of a plan by Belzebuth and begins to search for her mother. She forces Favaro into a contract after hearing Favaro boast that he can travel to Helheim.

Kaisar Lidfald

Voice Actor: Inoue Gou

The son of a noble family of knights, Kaisar trained as a young child to become a knight so he could carry on the family’s prestige. However, growing distasteful from the pressure from his family, Kaiser stayed away from home and befriended Favaro, a boy he thought was from a family of carpenters. Kaisar later learned that Favavo’s father attacked his father while on a mission to guard a tribute to the king, an incident that led to the Lidfald family’s downfall. His father executed and family destitute, Kaisar became a bounty hunter and swore to hunt down Favaro.

Kaisar has a sweet spot for women and is especially taken by Amira when he first meets her.


Voice Actor: Sawashiro Miyuki

Rita is a necromancer and later zombie who only appears to be a young girl. Around 200 years ago, a monster invaded her village. The sole survivor of the attack from the monster, Rita used the Black Bible to revive the town and maintain the facade everyone was still alive even though they were mere zombies. In the series, Rita becomes Kaisar’s travel companion after he spares her when she becomes a zombie.

Jeanne d’Arc

Voice Actor: Han Megumi

Jeanne d’Arc is a knight from the Orleans Knights who wields a spear called Maltet. This spear, a holy spear from the gods, is imbued with the power of the angel Michael and is particularly deadly to demons. Her guardian angel is Michael and she serves the gods. Ordered by Michael to find the stolen God Key, Jeanne spends much of the series chasing after Amira.


Voice Actor: Morita Masakazu

Azazel is a demon second-in-command to Lucifer and also in search for the God Key. A fallen angel, Azazel has two pairs of wings. However, his heart is certainly not angelic. Rather than Favaro’s father causing the death of Kaiser’s rather, it was Azazel who initially concocted the plan to steal the king’s tribute from Kaiser’s father that ultimately lead to both of their father’s death.

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