“Samurai Museum” in Shinjuku Has Everything from Samurai Costume, Katana, to Fighting Performance!

“Samurai Museum” in Shinjuku Has Everything from Samurai Costume, Katana, to Fighting Performance!
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Samurai had been making Japan’s history for about 700 years from the end of 12th century to the 19th century. They are also called “Bushi(武士)” and there remains a lot of pictures of them who runs around in the battlefields with Katana (sword) or Yumi-ya (a bow and arrows) in their hands, wearing Kacchu (armour).


There are many fans of Samurai both in and out of Japan and the very interesting place for them is in Shinjuku, which is called “Samurai Museum”. Kumiko Funayama, Ai Matsumoto and Hikari Shiina sneaked in to search what’s inside the building!

Exhibition and experience area is mainly on the 2nd floor.
There are a lot of items of Samurai such as Kacchu (traditional armour) worn by Samurai in Kamakura period, Nihon-to (Japanese sword), Samurai’s standard weapon and Kabuto (helmet) are exhibited in each room.

In addition to those attractive exhibits, “Tate, Iai show”, fighting show using Japanese swords, is also very popular in Samurai Museum. Trained actors’ posture and shouts are really overwhelming. This show is available on weekdays and it does not need extra money, so check the timetable and make sure to see it.

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After they enjoyed the show, the 3 girls had some experiences.
Kumiko Funayama and Ai Matsumoto tried Shodo, Japanese traditional calligraphy. Kumiko wrote kanji (Chinese character) “美 (bi, means beauty)” and Ai wrote “愛 (ai, means love), which is also her name. You can have the advice from the teacher through this experience.
samurai-museum-kawaii-asia-09samurai-museum-kawaii-asia-11 samurai-museum-kawaii-asia-10

Hikari Shiina tried to wear the armour of Samurai in Sengoku period. You can try simple weapons such as yoroi, kabuto and katana and take photos for 500 yen but it the price depends on which armour to wear if you try to be just like a Samurai. It is available only for 3 people a day, so check the web site if you are interested.

samurai-museum-kawaii-asia-12 samurai-museum-kawaii-asia-13

If you are a Samurai fan, you can absolutely enjoy Samurai Museum because you can watch the show and try the armours on as well as you can see the exhibitions. As Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo is easy to visit, it would also be great to add this to your sightseeing plan. Don’t miss interesting Samurai goods in the shop next to the entrance!


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Samurai Museum
Address : 2-25-6, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station : Shinjuku
TEL : 03-6457-6411



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