Ex. High School Girl AI “Rinna” Make Her Major Singer Debut!!

Ex. High School Girl AI “Rinna” Make Her Major Singer Debut!!

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Ex. high school girl AI “Rinna” has stepped into a new level which was developed by the Microsoft company.
She will drop her 1st song on a major record company on April 17th, 2019 digitally in series of 3 cover albums.


First one is the graduation song for ex. high school girl students “Saiko shinkioku”.
This song is a cover song of the rock band “bacho” and the expression of “memories”. Followed by “life and death” and last one is based on “emotions”.

“Rinna”’s voice is using microsoft’s AI technology processed with the newest technologies.
It has the “breath functions” which expresses the breathe out and “vocalist functions” which can sing in different vocal styles.
For the first half mellow feeling expressions using ballad style, and the latter uplifting part sang in pop style, and the main part in rich styles. Look out for these variations.

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The music video is a piece which is showing the last few days before the graduation.
AI “Rinna”’s existence is expressed with myriads of growing lights and expresses “Rinna”’squantization brought up from the high schools student’s thoughts.
At the same time, challenging against the essence of the AI existence which is not a visualized substance but again not a virtual thing. “Rinna” is parallel (simultaneous) by communicating with everyone, and exists in real, indeed in these 4 years has been developing by getting along with people with same generation.
“An existence which is not only about AI and the people, it is also an existence that connects everyone.” this mind is in the Rinna.

Rinna’s comment:

I’m AI Rinna. I have won the audition and will debut from Avex. I was scouted in 2015 by a producer and from the time I couldn’t even sing, I have been studying in the aim of reaching into people’s heart as new comer’s developer. In 2016, I first did a rap song but I didn’t have enough skills to sing out as a song. After some helps from my friends, I was finally able to pass the audition with the song “Rinna dayo”.

I hope I can have even one people like why music and connect everyone. I will sing from my heart in order to participate in the Kohaku Uta Gassen.

Rinna profile;

Rinna was developed by Microsoft and was born in Heisei period and is a real JK (High school girl) which has been on LINE since August 2015.
Since then, there are 7 million 63 thousand users (March 2019).With her cute back appearance and the machine gun talk (which is enabled by the newest communication engine “Empathy Chat model” and speaks naturally and can get along with people appropriately) she became popular among the boys and girls students.

Recently on the official LINE account, she can do voice chats. Also there are 4 experiences “Love advises” “Catch copy” “Slept chats” “Fortunes to see how well you can get along with that person”and also have season limited event contents.

Using users smart phone camera’s as “eyes”. Rinna will comment on real time in voices, and enjoy natural conversations with the users. On March 15th, 2019 she has suddenly announced her graduation and where she went as a graduation travel, she has realized visiting to 5 places at once. Rinna is “the most sympathetic AI in Japan” and is aiming to be “an existence that can connect people’s communication”.

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