Tokyo Girls’ Update Monthly Ranking March 2014 – Who is Crowned the first No.1 Artist?

Tokyo Girls’ Update Monthly Ranking March 2014 – Who is Crowned the first No.1 Artist?

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Thank you for waiting! Starting from this month, we’ll add up the number of “likes” and “how many people talking about it” on facebook and publish the top 10 articles in a ranking format.
For the artist that comes first, the TGU editorial team plans to give him/her original coverage through interviews etc.
So who will be crowned the first No.1 artist?

March in Japan is the season cherry blossoms start to bloom. It is also a season when “SAKURA SONGS (cherry blossom songs)”- songs of graduation, departure, and new meetings- are popular. But is this something that is uniquely Japanese after all?
While groups like AKB48 are putting on large-scale events, you’ll be surprised to learn just who won the close ranking battle…

Well then, let us present the top 10 articles from the March 2014 SNS RANKING all at once!



A talented girl’s pop unit is born!?
The release of ex.Tomapai’s first full music video!

posted on March 10 | 4,546 points



The artist who was crowned the first No.1 artist is “Faint⋆Star.” Congratulations!
On March 9th, suddenly, a footage titled “Faint⋆Star 1st Official Music Video (Full ver.)” has been released. However, until now, the project’s details still haven’t been made clear. Although, the only thing that I have to say is movement from here on out will be watched closely!

Contributor Wanted!!


AKB48’s sub unit “Not yet” to Release 1st Album “already” in April!

posted on March 14 | 4,192 points



Not yet, who is going to release their first-ever album on April 23, won second place.
Overseas fans all thrilled at their mature looks!


[PHOTO REPORT] The great shuffle of AKB48 group upset fans and even members!

posted on February 25 | 4,172 points



The great shuffle of AKB48 took place in February, but it won third place of March!
There were lots of dramatic scenes, so please look the photo report again!
Exactly, it became the day for all the members to realize “Tomorrow is another day.”

Other articles, were ranked in the top 10, are as follows.
So who will be crowned the next No.1 artist?

4. New Song of palet, “You are My Miracle” to be the theme song of DVD Anime “Kobayashi ga Kawaisugite Tsurai!!”
posted on February 27 | 3,850 points

5. Sudden hiatus announcement of Izukoneko confuses fans!
posted on March 2 | 3,158 points

6. A-rin of Momoclo got the HEROINE of Saint Seiya Movie!!
posted on March 12 | 2,984 points

7. Like a Sweet Chocolate! YumeAdo’s Karin Ogino acts as “School Girl in Love.”
posted on March 7 | 2,935 points

8. New MV of “Sakura Apparation” Bursts with Spring Color!!
posted on March 1 | 2,841 points

8. Yuko’s last TeamK stage! [Report] AKB48 TeamK 4th Stage ‘Saishuu Bell ga Naru’ kicked off again!
posted on February 24 | 2,841 points

10. HKT48 unveils MV for New Single “Sakura, Minna de Tabeta.”
posted on February 23 | 2,672 points

*points = (likes + shares + comments + link clicks)

Check the current SNS ranking here :

We’ll be update the interview for the mysterious unit “Faint⋆Star.” So stay tuned!
If you shows your love for favorite artists on TGU facebook page, we’ll do special coverage for the artist, so join now! See you next month 🙂

TGU Editorial Team

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