POP Tempt Fate in the Death-Defying MV for “pretty pretty good”!

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POP Tempt Fate in the Death-Defying MV for “pretty pretty good”!

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POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy, formerly known as Pla2me) has thrown the switch on the MV for “pretty pretty good” from their first album “P.O.P” (release date: August 4).

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The MV has the members of POP singing while wearing rope harnesses tied in crisscrossing diamond patterns over black jumpsuits, bumping into each other as they are hoisted high above a scrapyard. For some unexplainable reason, they start struggling just as they reach the top. The camera on the ground pans out to show just how high up POP are and an overhead camera reveals that there is nothing but cold hard concrete awaiting them if anything were to go wrong.

“P.O.P” includes rerecorded versions of Pla2me’s first 2 singles “Plastic 2 mercy” and “UNIT” in addition to “pretty pretty good” and 7 songs which have not previously been released on a CD before although many of them like “Fly away”, “NEON”, “Letter”, and “Who am I?” have been part of the group’s live repertoire since the Pla2me era. There are previews on their SoundCloud page.

Track List

01 Plastic 2 mercy(POP ver.)
02 pretty pretty good
03 fly away
04 who am I ?
05 UNIT(POP ver.)
07 Lonely lonely lonely
09 Daydream
10 Letter

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