Ring the Alarm! POP Announces Release of Second Single!

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Ring the Alarm! POP Announces Release of Second Single!

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POP (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy) has announced the release date of their yet untitled second single!

After a grueling week where Saki Kamiya ran a 100 km marathon from Fuji-Q Highland to Shimokitazawa Shelter to return triumphantly to POP, a reunion of the 6 former members of BiS, and release events for “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” (release date: December 8), the group is showing no signs of slowing down! The single will include 2 songs and their instrumentals and will be released on March 15, 2016. More details will be revealed as the release date approaches.

Saki Kamiya’s comment

After being on indefinite hiatus for 4 months, it is thanks to the support of everyone that I was able to safely complete the 100 km marathon and return to POP. I am truly happy that I could return to POP because I was able to stand on a stage once again, we were able to release our first single since becoming POP and have a lot of people hear our songs.

When I heard that we would be able to release our second single I was filled with so many happy feelings. I want to make a lot, lot, lot more people know about POP! I want to keep aiming higher together with everyone that has come to see us! POP is just getting started.

As we join hands with everyone and take the next step forward, even though it will be a big step, I will put all of my fighting spirit and heart into this second single so I can send it out to them!


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