Enter the Magical World of Pinky! Noora & Petra in the MV for “Aurora to Peace”!

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Enter the Magical World of Pinky! Noora & Petra in the MV for “Aurora to Peace”!

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Once upon a time, Pinky! Noora & Petra, the group made up of Ayane Fujisaki (aka Pinky) of and the Finnish pair of Noora and Petra of Dear Stars☆, brought together Akihabara and Finland with the MV for their debut single “Aurora to Peace” (release date: August 24)!

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In the MV directed by glows, the trio frolic among the trees like spirits of the forest and enjoy a warm summer day together. The MV was filmed in the faraway land of Saitama prefecture’s Akebono Kodomo no Mori.

“Aurora to Peace” will be released in 2 limited edition and 1 regular version on I BLUE. Limited edition Type-A includes the MV for “Aurora to Peace” and the bonus track “Koi Suru Helsinki” composed by YoYo (SOFFet) and R&B singer CHIHIRO. Limited edition Type-B includes a recording and making of video of the photoshoot for their artist photo and the bonus track “kiertokulku” composed by Schroeder-Headz and featuring a poem by Pinky. “Aurora to Peace” was composed by Tomi Yo with lyrical contributions from MCpero.

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