Petit PASSPO☆’s Special Cross Talk with Admirable Idols : vol.1 Musubizm

ぷちぱすぽ☆憧れアイドル対談 : vol.1「むすびズム」
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Petit PASSPO☆’s Special Cross Talk with Admirable Idols : vol.1 Musubizm

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Petit PASSPO☆ will hold two-man live series titled “Petit PASSPO☆ no Akogare Idol Two-man Sanbon Shoubu” before their one-man live to be held at Harajuku Astro Hall on May 28th. Their first guest idol is Musubizm (live on April 9th), the second one is Wa-sta (live on April 24th), and last group is KAMIYADO (live on May 4th). Petit PASSPO☆ are admiring all three groups and will perform with them!

Before the two-man live series starts, talk sessions between Petit PASSPO☆ and co-star group PASSPO☆ members, who will take part as the opening act and MC for the lives, were held. First, Petit PASSPO☆ had a talk session with Musubizm, who will be the first guest for the two-man live series.


Ai Negishi (Negishi) : Well, please introduce yourselves.

Hinata Yagi (Yagi) : I’m Hinata Yagi, in charge of “Black Hair” and “Nippon” in Petit PASSPO☆. Nice to meet you.

Misa Kimura (Kimura) : I’m Misa Kimura, in charge of “Sky-Blue” in Musubizm. Nice to meet you, too.

Negishi : I’m Ai Negishi as known as Aipon from PASSPO☆. I’ll be facilitating today’s interview. I’m pleased to see you.


Negishi : Well, Petit PASSPO☆ and Musubizm’s two-man live was announced, and I already knew the good relationship between Puchipa-chan and Musubizm-san, but what is the reason you chose Musubizm-san?

Yagi : Musubizm-san is the group we could get closer the most! We talk a lot together when we meet in dressing rooms, don’t we? So, we sometimes talk about the two-man live and it finally came true.

Kimura : Every member (of Petit PASSPO☆) always talks to us, and we make merry together. It’s not like a group talk, each member enjoys talking with some member and the combination naturally changes like a rotation.


Negishi : How were first impressions for you two? Hina, please go first.

Yagi : Rurika-chan was making an outstanding amount of noise (laugh). I mean that in a positive way, I thought she was really energetic. I thought they are actually a really energetic group when we said “hi” for the first time to Musubizm-san.

Kimura : I though Puchipa-chan was really “fresh”. I love the cute costumes, and catchy choreography. I guess the members are on good terms. So, anyway, they are really kawaii! You girls really heal me.

Yagi : Thank you so much! But, your costume is also really cute!


Negishi : Your group’s costumes are…Japanese-taste?

Kimura : The theme of our group is “Tying together Japanese kawaii things and everyone in the world”, so we have a Japanese-taste in our costumes aiming to express the concept.

Negishi : What is a highlight in Musibizm’s usual live?

Kimura : Each of us has different characteristics but they get mixed in a good way. People often say that we have a sense of unity. Our songs are mostly energetic, so our lives are exciting and noisy.


Negishi : Are you planning to do something different for the two-man live? Something not like your usual lives.

Kimura : Every supporter of Puchipa-chan is really nice. One of the supporters kindly came to an event in which I served as an one-day store manager for my modeling work. I also feel that they are really warm-hearted when I talk with them. I hope our performance will make such supporters get exited.

Yagi : We are nervous whether we’ll be able to make Musubizm fans excited, but we really hope to do so! Really…I hope so.


Negishi : Are you planning to do some collaboration?

Yagi : We’ll exchange our costumes only during meet and greet session!.

Kimura : It must be really fun, but I feel guilty because Puchipa-san’s costumes are really fresh… I’m not sure if I’m OK person to wear it. (laugh) But, I hope fans enjoy such a special event only on the day.

Yagi : It’s the costume we saw Musubizm-san for the first time! I’m so glad because I can wear such a cute costume such since my first positive impression.


Negishi: Is there anything you envy about each other?

Yagi: For me it’s the costumes again. I always find you guys are so pretty wearing cute costumes and being vivacious.

Kimura : For me it’s songs, your songs are all great. The audience gets excited every time when you perform the songs during the live. I also want to do “Nippon! Nippon!” like you do!


Negishi : Would you express your wishes towards the two-man live?

Yagi : Musubizm-san is the first group we’ll perform together at the two-man series “Puchipa Akogare no Idol Sanbon Shoubu”. I hope it will end in success with our usual joyfulness with Musubizm-san though we might get little nervous as it’s also first time for us to hold a two-man live.

Kimura : I’m really looking forward to hold a live together with Puchipa-chan, so I want to enjoy my life thriving on it from today. By the way, could you tell me what you usually feel for two-man live?

Negishi : Well, we think set list is the most important at a two-man live… so we’ll think hard about it altogether, like picking up songs which the other group’s fan must like. And about MC, we think it’s important to recognize that there are so many people who have never seen us, like talking about common topics, not inside talks. Making a lot of things together is the joy of two-man live, doing collaborations is important. Please don’t be like “ah we already done” after your performance.


Negishi : By the way, I heard that you would have a ball-toss game!

Kimura : We really are not good at games.

Yagi : We’ll win when all five members gather full force! (laugh)

Kimura : You’re right. Maybe… we’ll lose the game.

Negishi : What a defeatist attitude! (laugh)

Yagi : But, I don’t think I’ve done it before.

Negishi : What? Really?

Yagi : Mmm…, I remember the dance while singing “Che Che Kule (Checchekkori)”…

Negishi : Then, you toss balls after you dance, don’t you?

Yegi: Yes.

Negishi : That is the ball-toss game! (laugh)

Yagi : What? Isn’t it just a Che Kule (Chekkori) dance?

Kimura : Wait… I don’t know such game!(including all the staffs there)

Yagi: I used to toss the balls after dancing “Che Che Kule (Checchekkori)”.

Kimura : No~~~~ I don’t know such rule. I always toss the balls immediately after the starting whistle sounds!

Yagi : We start to toss the balls when the dance BGM stops, it’s like the musical chairs game.

Kimura : It seems we’re talking about different games (laugh)


Negishi : OK, we talked about many things today. I hope Petit PASSPO☆ will learn good points from Musibizm-san. Could you give her some advice?

Kimura : I’m not good enough to do so…

Yagi : I’d really appreciate it, please!

Kimura : So, let’s make some noise together, anyway. Then, I hope this experience performing with Musubizm will become good assistance for your one-man.

Yagi: It’s certainly extremely nice. Thank you so much.


Petit PASSPO☆ no Akogare Idol Two-man Sanbon Shoubu

April 9th (Sat.)
Musubizm / Petit PASSPO☆ (Guardian / MC / OA : PASSPO☆)
*Negishi & Masui will be absent.
Venue : Daikanyama LOOP
Ticket : ADV 2,500 yen / DOOR 3,000 yen (1drink ¥500)
Open : 4:30pm / Start : 5:00pm

April 24th (Sun.)
Wa-sta / Petit PASSPO☆ (Guardian / MC / OA : PASSPO☆)
*Negishi & Masui will be absent.
Venue : Daikanyama LOOP
Ticket : ADV 2,500 yen / DOOR 3,000 yen (1drink ¥500)
Open : 4:30pm / Start : 5:00pm

May 4th (Wed. – National holiday)
Kamiyado / Petit PASSPO☆ (Guardian / MC / OA : PASSPO☆)
*Negishi & Masui will be absent.
Venue : Daikanyama LOOP
Ticket : ADV 2,500 yen / DOOR 3,000 yen (1drink ¥500)
Open : 4:30pm / Start : 5:00pm

Petit PASSPO☆ first one-man live at Astro Hall
May 28th (Sat)
Venue : Harajuku Astro Hall
Ticket : ADV 3,000 yen / DOOR 3,500 yen (1drink ¥500)
Open : 5:00pm / Start : 5:30pm

Musubizm regular performance “Musunde ika night’16”
April 13th at Ebisu CreAto
April 27th at Ebisu CreAto

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