Petit PASSPO☆ Set the Pace in the Marathon-Themed MV for “1.2. Sunrise”!

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Petit PASSPO☆ Set the Pace in the Marathon-Themed MV for “1.2. Sunrise”!

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Petit PASSPO☆ enter a new leg on their journey through the idol world in the MV for their new song “1.2. Sunrise”!

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The MV has Petit PASSPO☆ as one of the performers on a telethon program that copies Nippon Television’s 24 Hour Television: “Love Saves the Earth” that is broadcast every August. If you have ever seen the program, it is basically 24 hours of tear-jerking segments and performances in order to raise money for charity. One of the main events is where a celebrity is selected to run a 100-km marathon within 24 hours, which is what is happening in the video. Comedian Matazo Mimata is struggling to keep his feet moving even though the clock is running out. The members of PASSPO☆ read faxes of encouragement (Japan is one of the few countries in the world that still uses faxes widely) and watch on with concern on their faces. Naomi Anzai even appears as a newscaster after the broadcast is finished!

Of course, if you don’t need all of the accuracy of the regular version, there is also a dance shot. The song was performed for the first time on November 29, 2015 during a release event for “Go Fight! Fly High!” at Tower Records in Shinjuku. “Go Fight! Fly High!” is already packed with 3 songs which have already have MVs released so is this a super-early preview of Petit PASSPO☆’s 3rd single?

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Go Fight! Fly High!

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