Perfume Makes Cameo Appearance in American band OK Go’s New MV!

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Perfume Makes Cameo Appearance in American band OK Go’s New MV!

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We haven’t seen a video with this excitement packed into 5 minutes before. It is surely the best music video of all time.

The American rock band OK Go from Chicago released the video clip for ‘I Won’t Let You Down‘, a track on their new album ‘Hungry Ghost’ which was released last month, on the band’s official YouTube channel. It’s a clip overflowing with ingenuity that will give them a name worldwide, and at the same time it is the music video that Perfume makes  cameo appearance.

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The music video boasts Morihiro Harano as creative director, and Kazuaki Seki, who has worked on numerous Perfume videos to date, as director, in addition to OK Go’s Damian Kulash (Vo, G) who took a joint role in the video’s direction. The location of the video is Japan.

The video is in collaboration with the automobile manufacturer Honda. It features the band members on UNI-CUB electric bicycles surrounded by many female dancers in formation, and it was shot in one take from the ground and from a height to give it OK Go’s unique taste.

For your information, Perfume’s 3 members appear in the beginning of the clip as music video staffs. Check it out!

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