Perfume Collaborates With OK Go for Theme Song of SUSHI POLICE Anime!

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Perfume Collaborates With OK Go for Theme Song of SUSHI POLICE Anime!

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Perfume is teaming up once again with American band OK Go, but this time they’re not simply making cameos in each other’s videos like they did for “I Won’t Let You Down” or “Pick Me Up”! This time they have formed a special group called OK Go×Perfume to collaborate on a song titled “I Don’t Understand You”, the theme song for the anime SUSHI POLICE which starts at 1:00am (JST) on January 6, 2016!


“SUSHI POLICE” won the Poster award at the Cannes Movie Festival Film Market and is a 3D CG anime created by Fukuoka movie production company KOOKI.

The movie is based on the true story of the adverse reaction to the “Overseas Japanese restaurant certification system” when the Japanese government proposed offering official seals of approval to overseas Japanese food restaurants in 2006. The project was established to research Japanese restaurants overseas to determine the authenticity of their Japanese food. However, the plan was canceled due to strong opposition raised by foreign media. The story follows three men, Honda, Suzuki, and Kawasaki, who investigate foreign Japanese restaurants.

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This seems especially timely after students at Oberlin College caused quite a stir online after complaining about the unauthentic nature of “ethnic food” served in their cafeteria. Finding “authentic” food in a foreign country is never easy so shouldn’t the issue be whether it tastes good or not?

A~chan (Ayaka Nishiwaki) Comment

Being able to collaborate with OK Go like this is beyond my wildest dreams! The thing we talked about in the dressing room when OK Go came to see us when we performed in the US finally came true! The ability of people overseas to mobilize is amazing! They’re really CREATIVE!!! The song that Damian (Kulash) made is a really stylish dance tune. To be able to do something that crosses oceans and labels is really UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

I’m so happy!

I want to do more collaborations or a live together!

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