Perfect fusion of Domino’s Pizza and Hatsune Miku!

Perfect fusion of Domino’s Pizza and Hatsune Miku!

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Domino’s Japan made a very surprising announcement yesterday. The President of the company himself introduced a new Domino’s application for iOS devices, featuring Hatsune Miku!

Executive Presentation

“Domino’s crews get together and create Vocaloid (VOKARO) songs!”
The dream collaboration of Domino’s Pizza and HATSUNE MIKU rose out of the challenge of Domino’s crews.
This is a new app, “Domino’s App feat. HATSUNE MIKU”, for ordering pizza via iPhone.

While you order pizza, or even wait time, you can enjoy various artworks and songs featuring Hatsune Miku.
Furthermore, there’s more exciting and entertaining features!

Social Pizza Camera
You can take composite pictures of Miku in the “real world” with various poses and expressions. It’s allowed  for those who scan the Domino’s pizza logo with their device.

Pizza Stage Live
By pointing the camera at the special pizza box, Miku will appear “live on stage” and perform to the song “Luv4Night“.
If you cannot order pizza because you live in overseas, don’t worry, this information will assist you.

The application is available for free from the JapanU.S., and other global iTunes stores, but the application will remain in Japanese. Pizzas can also only be ordered within Japan. The application works with the iPhone 4 and iPod 4th gen or newer, and iPad 2nd gen or newer. There is no word on Android availability.



Luv4Night by Domino’s

A documentary film of production of each work can be watched at the following site.
[Road to Vocalo-P vol.1]
[Road to Vocalo-P vol.2]
[Road to Vocalo-P vol.3]

Official Website for Domino’s feat. Hatsune Miku
Domino’s × Miku App on iTunes US
Domino’s × Miku The App on iTunes JP

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