PASSPO☆ Rocks Through the Week in the MV for “Mr.Wednesday”!

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PASSPO☆ Rocks Through the Week in the MV for “Mr.Wednesday”!

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PASSPO☆ is cleared for take-off with the MV for their first MV of 2016 and re-debut single on Nippon Crown Records “Mr.Wednesday” (release date: February 24)!

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Set in a stylish western-style home with an unusually high number of phones in it, the camera follows the crew of PASSPO☆ as they wake up and get ready to tackle another day. With several fast cuts and long takes, it almost feels like one long continuous shot. The sound of “Mr.Wednesday” is cute girls’ rock and combined with the bright poppy visuals, feels like a continuation of their previous MV for “HONEY DISH”. The MV was shown for the first time during the January 16, 2016 broadcast of their monthly web show PASSPO☆ Good Luck Stream at 2.5D which is supported by Tokyo Girls’ Update.

“Mr.Wednesday” will be released in two CD/DVD versions (Type-A and Type-B) as well as a CD only version (Type-C). The DVD for Type-A will have the MV for “Mr.Wednesday” and the DVD for Type-B will feature the making of video for the MV. The coupling song for all 3 versions is titled “Musical Party”. PASSPO☆ is supporting the release of “Mr.Wednesday” with an Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo Flight Tour with all of the dates falling on a Wednesday so be sure to make plans to see them!

“Mr.Wednesday” Osaka/Nagoya/Tokyo Flight Tour
February 10th, 2016 ESAKA MUSE, Osaka
February 17th, 2016 Live Hall M.I.D, Nagoya, Aichi
February 24th, 2016 LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo

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