Oyasumi Hologram Emerge From the Darkness in the MV for “Kaerimichi”

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Oyasumi Hologram Emerge From the Darkness in the MV for “Kaerimichi”

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Oyasumi Hologram take the long way home in the MV for “Kaerimichi” from their second album “2” (release date: April 22).

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In the MV, which was directed by AV filmmaker Company Matsuo (also directed BiS Cannonball), opens with Kanamiru working at her old part-time job at a yakitori restaurant and Hachigatsu-chan cleaning up at live house Shinjuku Loft. A handheld camera follows the duo as they both begin their respective journeys home (presumably after the last trains have left). Towards the end, they pass each other on an overhead walkway and turn to face each other before continuing on their way. The clothes they are wearing in the MV are from galaxxxy.

Track List

01 Kaerimichi
02 too young
03 11
04 underwater
05 our future
06 strawberry
07 Neuromancer

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2 / Oyasumi Hologram

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June 15, 2016 (Wednesday)
TSUTAYA O-WEST, Maruyamacho 2-3, O-WEST Building 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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