Double Tap Your Oshimen: Ten Idol Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Double Tap Your Oshimen: Ten Idol Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

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Instagram is a great thing for idol fans because it’s a visual platform. Unlike a blog or a Twitter account, it’s not necessary to be able to read Japanese to enjoy it, because “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Here is a list, in no particular order, of several Instagram accounts associated with idols that we think you might enjoy.

While there may be better known idols than the ones on our list, we tried to include the ones who post the most often and provide the most entertaining pictures and videos. We used a picture from Atsuko Maeda’s Instagram account at the top of this article but, she hasn’t posted anything in almost 6 months. Let us know what you think and if there were other accounts you think we should have included.

Haruna Kojima (AKB48)

For someone commonly referred to as “my pace”, Haruna Kojima seems to have an extremely busy schedule. Kojiharu’s Instagram is overflowing with behind the scenes pictures from her latest photoshoots and performances, meetings with other group members, fashion checks, and of course food.

Tokyo Girls’ Style

Get your daily dose of Avex’s “Sparkling” quintet at Tokyo Girls’ Style’s official Instagram. Whether it’s a series of selfies, pictures from San Francisco’s J-Pop Summit, or some behind the scenes coverage, fans of TGS will not be left wanting for content.

Rena Matsui – SKE48/Nogizaka 46

Keep up with what Rena Matsui is wearing, eating, and doing by following her account. Surprisingly, Rena doesn’t have any pictures of her beloved melon pan, but there are a lot of shoes, other SKE48 members, and almost silent videos on her stream.

Kohime Lit Pucchi – Afilia Saga

Afilia Saga’s smallest member Kohime Lit Pucchi will brighten your day with pictures of pandas, cats, cute food and her special blend of magic.


Get down with the “Beat Generation” by following the Fairies official Instagram account! In contrast to their sharp dance moves on stage, the pictures and videos aren’t always the best quality but it lends a charming unpolished feel to them.

Haruka Nakagawa – JKT48

Follow the Indonesian adventures of Haruka Nakagawa as she documents her life as a member of JKT48. A secondary benefit might be that you end up learning some Bahasa as well?

T-Palette Records

Follow Negicco, Lyrical School, Up Up Girls (Kari), and your other favorite T-Palette idols. While fans are probably waiting for the day when every member of every group has their own Instagram, this is as good as it gets for now.

We round out our “Top 10 List” with half of because of their frequent posting of interesting and cute pictures and videos. With the exception of Eimi Naruse (Eitaso), all the members of have Instagram accounts. Unfortunately for fans of Mirin Fukugawa, she only posted three times so far, but at least she shows up in the posts of the other members. It was a difficult decision leaving Risa Aizawa off this list, but compared to Moga-chan, Pinky, and Nemu, she did not seem to post as often.

Ayane Fujisaki –

Moga Mogami –

Nemu Yumemi –

Written by おっくん

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