OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO Enter Uncharted Territory in the MV for “New Me”!

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OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO Enter Uncharted Territory in the MV for “New Me”!

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OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO step boldly into 2017 with the MV for “New Me”
(release date: January 31)!

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OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO struts and moonwalks their way through the streets of Osaka to the jazzy track composed by Canadian multiplatinum songwriter Jenson Vaughan (music) while singing lyrics by hometown hip-hop group Insist (lyrics). Compared to the hard rocking sounds they have been known for, this is a big change in style. A gamble which seems to have paid off as it earned them an Oricon daily #1 ranking as well as #1 rankings on Tower Records stores all over Japan when it was released.

“New Me” was released in 2 versions and the coupling song is titled “Hyururi”.

Type-A includes a remix of “New Me” by Lazerdisk

Type-B includes a remix of “Hyururi” by Anamanaguchi.

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New Me / Osaka Shunkashuto
New Me / Osaka Shunkashuto

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