OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO Fly to New Heights! Zepp Tokyo Live Report

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OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO Fly to New Heights! Zepp Tokyo Live Report

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OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO continued their skyrocketing trip through the ranks of the idol world as they stormed into Zepp Tokyo on August 21, 2016. At almost triple the size of Shibuya Club Quattro, the venue of their previous Tokyo one-man live on August 8, 2015, it was a huge milestone in the group’s young career.


The sounds of distorted guitars, thumping bass lines, and thundering drums accompanied by flashing lights filled Zepp Tokyo as the 7 members of OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO took the stage. With red beams of light peeking out from behind them, they jumped into action as the string intro for “DAWN OF MY LIFETIME” slashed through the air, lead vocalist MAINA running down the walkway to the stage in the middle of the floor, followed by EON and MANA as the audience jumped along to the hard-driving rhythm. Hair whipping as they banged their heads and pumped their fists, OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO revved up the tempo with “Raise a FLAG!!” and a barrage of covers which included “Kill the king” (Rainbow), “MONKEY MAGIC” (MONKEY MAJIK/GODIEGO), and “We Will Rock You” (Queen).


With the fast-talking EON at the right side of the stage, she introduced each of the members as they strutted down the walkway like fashion models and took dance solos, showing off the results of their extensive dance backgrounds which include Japanese traditional, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and house. Distressing radio transmissions whizzed by and a bickering couple appeared on stage to usher in OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO’s cover of visual-kei band Guild’s “Yuuwaku Rhapsody”. Taking advantage of the catchy vocal hook, ANNA and Maina threw in a gag by the comedy duo Fall in Love. At the end of the song, the couple returned and put their squabble to an end.


Slowing down the pace with “Tomadoi”, “Romeo”, and “Moshimo Aetanara”, there seemed to be a chill in the air as the audience were struck nearly speechless and motionless by the dance and vocal performance on stage. Declaring “if tomorrow were the last day, we’d love to see everyone again”, MAINA began singing “Last Day” by herself at the middle of the stage, the others coming out to hold umbrellas over her head. The audience erupted into a cacophony of shouts as the live continued with the most idol-like song of the afternoon “Rainbow Color”. This was followed by “SHINE”, the members of OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO displaying their intricate choreography as the fans waved their hands in the air.


The intro of “C’mon” rang out briefly before being beat juggled as a small army of backup dancers took over the stage for a blistering display of breakdancing. OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO returned a few moments later and the live accelerated back up to speed with the ska-core of “BABY CRAZY”. Stomping their way through “What you gonna do”, the energy began to peak as green and red lights flashed, MANA and EON’s high notes leaping over MAINA’s voice as OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO kicked and jumped to the scaly “Chameleon Shoujo”. Having finally reached “C’mon”, the group’s breakthrough song, it seemed as if every living creature in Zepp Tokyo was bouncing off the walls and floors after being swept up by the shockwaves of OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO’s energy exploding out from the stage. Whipping their towels in the air and tossing them into the crowd, the members wrapped up their biggest Tokyo one-man live with “Plasma”.


Beginning their encore almost immediately after leaving the stage, OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO expressed their gratitude to the fans for making the day possible with a heartfelt performance of “Sassou”. Each of the members gave their thanks before disappearing into the darkness as another encore call began. Returning to the industrial beats of “Let you fly”, OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO delivered the finishing blow, MAINA jumping as she ran down the walkway. With a wall of backdancers behind them, the members banged their heads and pumped their fists as they decisively slammed the door shut and turned off the lights on any lingering doubts of whether or not the day was a success.

Taking the scene by surprise when they appeared at Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, for OSAKA☆SYUNKASYUTO to stand on the stage of Zepp Tokyo so soon after is indeed an impressive accomplishment. While MAINA’s unbelievable vocal talent and the dance skills of all of the members is hard to deny, it will be exciting to see what direction they decide to go in from here. Should they add more hard rocking songs like “DAWN OF MY LIFETIME”, “BABY CRAZY”, “Chameleon Shoujo”, “C’mon”, and “Let you fly” to their catalog, they may have a chance to go down in history as one of the legendary rock idols of Japan.

Set List

02 Raise a FLAG!!
03 Kill the king (Rainbow cover)
05 We Will Rock You (Queen cover)
06 Yuuwaku Rhapsody (Guild cover)
07 Tomadoi
08 Romeo
09 Moshimo Aetanara
10 Last Day
11 Rainbow Color
14 What you gonna do
15 Chameleon Shoujo
16 C’mon
17 Plasma

E1 Sassou

W1 Let you fly

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