New Smart Shoes “Orphe” Makes Your Dancing and Walking More Exciting!

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New Smart Shoes “Orphe” Makes Your Dancing and Walking More Exciting!

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Orphe” is a new form of smart shoes, which embodies interactive performance, which artists, dancers, and performers can use for their live performances, but also for daily use as well. The sole of each shoe contains advanced motion sensors, around 100 full-color, serially-controlled LEDs, and a wireless module. “Orphe” has been developed at “no new folk studio inc.”, the company where it mainly develops musical interfaces. They have been making at a factory with sharing office in Akihabara, called DMM.make AKIBA. The lighting of the sole is connected through Bluetooth module, and be able to control the colors and lighting with app downloaded in smartphones and tablets. And the motion data that has been created through the app can be saved and shared and able to download other motion data of others online.

Orphe Top: Black Shoes Prototype Bottom: White Shoes Prototype

Top: Black Shoes Prototype
Bottom: White Shoes Prototype

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Kyun_kun, robotics fashion creator, has also joined the team as an engineer for creating “Orphe.” Kyun_kun, has been developing her passion of “harmony between robotics and fashion” independently since 2013. She has already presented six of her works, and designed the costume for interactive live performance at Akihabara MOGRA with TORIENA (LSDj Artist), Minoru Nakano (Omoshiro Hojin Kayakku), and m7kenji (Dot Artist), which has also become a success.

"The 2nd process to union" by Kyun_kun (@ TOKYO DSIGNERS WEEK2014 "Super Robot Exhibition")

“The 2nd process to union” by Kyun_kun (@ TOKYO DSIGNERS WEEK2014 “Super Robot Exhibition”)

Contributor Wanted!!

One of her most recent work, “Metcalf” was presented at “SXSW 2015 Trade Show” in Texas, United States, where she was highly recognized to audiences abroad as well.


“METCALF” by Kyun_kun

Kyun_kun always had her views of creating robot as new form of fashion, and “Orphe” is also applied to such of her core belief. “Orphe” is not only targeted to dancers and performers, but it can be worn for daily style as well. The design of “Orphe” is simple and stylish, so it is surprising to see that simple design can turn in to futuristic style at an instant.

Kyun_kun will be featured for our special interview soon, so don’t miss it or you’ll miss the future fashion of tomorrow!

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