BiSH’s Opinion Poll : Continuation or Prohibiton of Lifting in the Concert

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BiSH’s Opinion Poll : Continuation or Prohibiton of Lifting in the Concert

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Junnosuke Watanabe, the producer of BiSH, announced the prohibition of lifting during BiSH’s lives. He explained that he has to take that measure because the audience cannot watch their performance due to those are lifted blocking their view. He adds that he couldn’t see the members onstage during the live held in Sendai, which made him angry. This decision raised a disturbance among Seisoin (a fan of BiSH).


Junnosuke Watanabe

Before the announcement, Watanabe asked the fans to tweet their opinions about prohibiting lifting on Twitter with hashtags #BiSHリフト賛成, #BiSHリフト中立, and #BiSHリフト反対. Many people answered him and tweeted their honest opinions. Some were partly in jest but, most tweets were serious. As I counted, those who were opposed to prohibiting lifting were in the majority.

Nevertheless, he banned lifting. As the concert heats up, the audience also gets excited. Then, it is natural that they sometimes cheer on the members violently. However, lifting does not come from their excitement. They try to be lifted when their oshi sings, which means they still keep calm in head. He explains the reasons above in the official homepage.


I refrain from voicing my opinion here but, the most important thing under the current rule is to refrain from lifting not just because it is the rule but, out of consideration for others. With a little bit more warmth and patience, BiSH would advance to the next stage upon which even BiS could not stand.

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