notall Go For a Harajuku Stroll in the MV for “Kimi ni Da-Da-Dan”
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Social idol group notall set hearts aflutter in the MV for “Kimi ni Da-Da-Dan” from their major label debut double A-side single “Capybara Jisoku 50km/Kimi ni Da-Da-Dan” (release date: April 19)!

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After weeks of teasers being posted on their Facebook page, notall lets loose with an overwhelming collection of scenes sure to make fans dizzy as the members walk the streets of Harajuku and Omotesando on a sunny spring morning and strike poses in a photo studio. The song will be available on iTunes for just 150 yen for just one day (April 19) as well!

“Capybara Jisoku 50km/Kimi ni Da-Da-Dan” will be released in 2 different versions with special covers for each of the songs. notall is one of the finalists for Tokyo Candoll so they will be appearing at TSUTAYA O-EAST on May 4th to compete for a chance to perform at Japan Expo 2017 in Paris!

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