Niji no Conquistador Finally Unveils MV for “pixiv Ondo”

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Niji no Conquistador Finally Unveils MV for “pixiv Ondo”

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A 10- girls idol group Niji no Conquistador has finally revealed MV for their hit song “pixiv Ondo” on November 2nd.

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Niji no Conquistador is an idol unit created by Tsuku-dol! Project July 2014. Tsuku-dol! Project is an organization that aims to raise idols, voice actors, illustrators, cosplayers, and creators. They are assisted by powerful creators from various fields: music written by Ken’ichi Maeyamada, choreography by Natsumi Takenama(PASSPO☆, Yumemiru Adolescence) , costume design by Mel Kishida, creative direction from Maiko Fukushima, and special advising by Seiji Mizushima. Tsuku-dol! Project comes grom the online illustrator communication service named pixiv.

“pixiv Ondo” is produced by an unit Mikeneko Homeless from netlabel Maltine Records, and MV is directed by Ryo Morita from creative production Robot. The song is chosen as an official song for illustrating festival “pixiv Matsuri”, and you can see the members dancing and walking around the festival’s venue, viewing platform of Roppongi Hills in the MV.

By the way, Tsuku-dol! Project has just started audition for the second project. If you’re interested in becoming idol and voice actors or illustrators, why don’t you apply for the audition?

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