Niji no Conquistador Unwraps Charming School Festival-Style MV for “Brand New Happy Days”

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Niji no Conquistador Unwraps Charming School Festival-Style MV for “Brand New Happy Days”

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Niji no Conquistador have released the MV for “Brand New Happy Days” from their upcoming double A-side single “Yarukkyanai! 2015/Brand New Happy Days” (release date: April 8).

The MV for “Brand New Happy Days” is a hyper rock/ska song that starts off similar to the Morning Musume classic “Koko ni Iruzee”. Perhaps it has something to do with the mining props they were using too? With a variety of cardboard props, Niji no Conquistador do things like become cheerleaders, play table tennis, carry the Olympic flame, travel to the seaside and outer space, and even drive through Jurassic Park!

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A MV for “Yarukkyanai! 2015” hasn’t been shown yet but, a video of them performing it live was uploaded at the same time as the MV for “Brand New Happy Days”. It looks and sounds like a really energetic cute song that you can enjoy even if you aren’t as fired up as the fans in the audience.

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“Yarukkyanai! 2015/Brand New Happy Days” will be released in 8 different versions and if you are familiar with Japanese colors, you might have noticed that the different types go in the same order as the colors of the rainbow. Details about the contents of the different types are still unknown but the covers look amazing! That shouldn’t be surprising since Niji no Conquistador is the group born from the Pixiv online illustrator community.


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