Artworks for NEGOTO’s new song “Synchromanika” Synchronize with Anime “Galilei Donna”

Artworks for NEGOTO’s new song “Synchromanika” Synchronize with Anime “Galilei Donna”

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NEGOTO will be releasing their new single “Synchromanika” on November 13th. That will mark their first single release in 10 months, and it will be released in three different limited editions.
The song is used as the opening theme song for Fuji Television’s “noitamina” anime, “Galilei Donna”, and the cover artworks for the limited first press editions link with the anime.
The cover artworks feature the members of NEGOTO synchronized with the three sisters who appear on “Galilei Donna” as main characters. The artwork features an illustration of the three sisters playing instruments as members of NEGOTO. The standard edition features a cool design with side shots of the members’ faces that synchronize with vases.

Original anime Galilei Donna follows the story of three of Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei’s female descendants who uncover a mysterious object left behind by their great ancestor. As they try to learn more about the object they land on international wanted lists and must escape from their pursuers while uncovering the mystery.

Jacket Covers

In addition, the limited editions of “Synchromanika” will feature a side story of “Galileidonna” in the form of a voice drama recorded by the members, “NEGOTO ga, Galileidonna ni Nattemita”. Furthermore, new self-cover versions of NEGOTO’s song, “Merci Lou”, in which each member serves the vocal part, “Merci Lou wo Utattemita”, will be also included.
Stay tuned to the release!

NEGOTO’s Official Website:

NEGOTO’s upcoming live performance fall tour in support of the new single hits three Club Quattro venues.
– Nov. 12th 2013 6:00pm Club Quattro Nagoya
– Nov. 13th 2013 6:00pm Club Quattro Umeda
– Nov. 16th 2013 6:00pm Club Quattro Shibuya

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