Natsuki Kiyoshi to Leave Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 on Account of “Pregnancy”!

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Natsuki Kiyoshi to Leave Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 on Account of “Pregnancy”!

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Ryujin Kiyoshi had a huge surprise in store for the sold out audience on the 2nd day of his birthday celebration concert “Kiyoshi Ryujin Harem♡Festa 2015 vol.4 ~Birthday♡Party 2days~ ” at TSUTAYA O-WEST on MAY 27th.

After the sudden announcement of Natsuki Kiyoshi’s hiatus from activities as a member of Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 and introduction of “wife #7” Yuuka Kiyoshi, fans were buzzing as to what would be revealed during Ryujin Kiyoshi’s birthday concert on May 27th. The boisterous crowd, who was clapping loudly for the encore to start, fell silent as somber words flashed across the screen, ending with “Today, everything will be revealed.” A picture of Ryujin and Natsuki appeared before fading away and being replaced with the explanation, “Wife #5 Natsuki Kiyoshi is pregnant. In order to devote her full attention to raising the child, she will cease her activities as an idol from this point on”.

The departure of a member from the group can be explained in several different ways in the idol industry but, that has to be the most creative way yet! On top of that, the members of Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 came back on stage for the encore to perform “Mr.PLAY BOY…♡”! The extreme contrast of the pregnancy announcement and the song which celebrates Ryujin’s flashy womanizing ways, had fans feeling shocked and surprised.

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The unprecedented concept and worldview behind Kiyoshi Ryujin 25 has intrigued audiences since the debut of the group in 2014. How much further can they take it?



01. Mr.PLAY BOY…♡
02. The♡Birthday♡Surprise
03. Tenjou Tenge Yuiga Dokuson
04. Mr.PLAY BOY…♡(Instrumental)
05. The♡Birthday♡Surprise(Instrumental)
06. Tenjou Tenge Yuiga Dokuson (Instrumental)

・「Mr.PLAY BOY…♡」Music Video
・「Mr.PLAY BOY…♡」Music Video dance shot ver.
・「Mr.PLAY BOY…♡」Music Video making video
・Live performance at COUNT DOWN JAPAN14/15
・Momoka Bungee

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