National Cat Day! : Take Photos with Your Cat and Share!

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National Cat Day! : Take Photos with Your Cat and Share!

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Can you guess what day February 22nd is? It is National Cat Day in Japan! For United States, it is on October 29th, for Russia, it is March 1st, and for European countries, it is on February 17th. In Japan February 2nd was chosen because the meowing sounds similar to the sound of “2 (Ni)”in Japanese. On this day, we thank the happiness to live with your beloved cat.

On Instagram, every cat lover posts with #222 or #にゃんにゃんにゃん to celebrate the day! Here are some of the popular Instagram accounts in Japan which express the love for cats!


The comment of the owner is making the photos even more fun! There is a word “Busakawa” in Japanese, meaning ugly but cute, and this word fits perfectly to Mogu-chan!

Mogu instagram:



Chano modeled for the cover of a photo booklet, “Nyanmo Night Neko wa Mofumofu Maruku Naru”. She often wears cute hat and clothes, so check her fashion as well!

Chano instagram:

Kiki and Coco


The photos are beautiful, and the facial expressions of the cats are adorable. We can feel the love of the owner through the photos. The white cat, Coco has a secret at her back. You can’t see it normally but when she curls up, you can see the hidden heart!

abi(Kiki and Coco)instagram:



Photos of wild cats are uploaded in this account. Each photo has a special atmosphere, and the way cats live as they like is somewhat heart-warming.

Wowotsuka instagram:
Wowotsuka Twitter:
WOwotsuka Blog:


The helpless look is so cute! The owner published a book called LET’S ENJOY CAT×Instagram so that she can give tips on how to enjoy Instagram with your lovely cat.

Machiavelli instagram:

Rill and Will

It is an account for Rill and Will. Rill only has two legs, but she was welcomed to the family in 2013. Inspite of the inconvenience of having just two legs, she looks happy with her owner and Will.

Riruabi(Rill and Will) instagram:
Riruabi(Rill and Will) Twitter:

Noa and Vanilla

Noa, Russian Blue and Vanilla, Exotic Short are like parent and child. Noa looks very dignified while Vanilla looks cute with the wrinkled face.

Nezumi-iro no Neko to Vanilla(Noa and Vanilla) instagram:
Nezumi-iro no Neko to Vanilla(Noa and Vanilla) Twitter:

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