Narumi Takiguchi Reveals Sweet & Spicy MVs for “Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo” and “Narumiria”!

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Narumi Takiguchi Reveals Sweet & Spicy MVs for “Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo” and “Narumiria”!

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Narumi Takiguchi, the idol who claims to be able to perform 400 lives in a year with no problem, has revealed the MVs from her 2nd major label debut single “Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo/Narumiria” (release date: August 19)!

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Opening with a riff constructed from the sound of revving engines, “Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo” is a rock song that shifts tempos like a motorcycle on the expressway shifts gears. Clad in an embroidered silk jacket and wielding a katana with a purple hilt, Narumi exudes power and femininity. Starting in August of 2015, it will be the campaign song for an energy jelly product called EXTREME BLACKOUT ENERGY JELLY.

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“Narimiria” is an uptempo summer song overflowing with images of the season. Narumi splashes around in a pool with her friend MISAKI and runs on the beaches of the Shonan seaside. Also included are scenes of her rehearsing, striking poses at a photoshoot and performing in front of her fans.

“Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo/Narumiria” will be released in 3 different versions: Type-A includes the MV for “Zenryoku! Bakusou Shojo” as a CD extra. Type-B includes the MV for “Narumiria” as a CD extra. Type-C includes a 3rd song titled “Twinkle Little Star”.

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