“Nandeyanennen”! A Comedian Challenges Japanese Kawaii Culture as Hamada Bamyu Bamyu

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“Nandeyanennen”!  A Comedian Challenges Japanese Kawaii Culture as Hamada Bamyu Bamyu

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A famous Japanese comedian Masatoshi Hamada dressed up as a character “Hamada Bamyu Bamyu” will release his first debut single on December 16.
Hamada Bamyu Bamyu is a character created in the famous television program “Gaki No Tsukai ya Arahende” of Nippon Television, broadcasted in May 2015. Last month, Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE), the record producer of Kyari Pamyu Pamyu, and the art director Masuda Sebastian appeared on the program and announced themselves as a candidate for producing Hamada Bamyu Bamyu.

“Nandeyanen” is the kansai direct phrase which Japanese comedians often use, meaning “No way!” or “What are you talking about!?”, and the title “Nandeyanennen” is the parody of it.

We can sense a comical atmosphere just by looking at the CD cover of Hamada Bamyu Bamyu surrounded by colorful items with him winking at us.
The full music and a part of the MV will be unveiled in “Gaki No Tsukai ya Arahende” on November 22(Sunday) next week. After the broadcast, the music distribution of Nandeyanennen within Japan will start from November 23 12:00 A.M. on Recochoku and iTunes Store, and the download will be available in 110 countries in the world subsequently!




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