Teen Titan! Nana Asakawa (SUPER☆GiRLS) Returns to Cover of Young Magazine on Her 17th Birthday!

Teen Titan! Nana Asakawa (SUPER☆GiRLS)  Returns to Cover of Young Magazine on Her 17th Birthday!

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Nana Asakawa, the 2nd generation member of SUPER☆GiRLS who has been dubbed the “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (dougan kyonyuu)” will be on the cover of Weekly Young Magazine vol.18 that will be published on April 4th, one day after her 17th birthday. This marks the third time for her to appear on the cover of Weekly Young Magazine since her overwhelming debut in 2015.


The editorial department of the weekly Young Magazine, who selected Nana Asakawa for the front cover, said, “It has been half a year since her unprecedented debut in Young Magazine, which was not only her first appearance but also, her first cover, first opening page, and first full spread. Around then, her active role in the gravure world was a widely-known fact, but Nana, who was approaching 17, has been increasingly active in the public eye. What surprised us most about the photography this time was her overpowering expressiveness. Her best-selling baby face and big breasts remained the same as ever, she is unbeatable as a bikini model even while being an active pop idol, and her super body seems to only get better and better. We can’t take our eyes off this all-grown-up, new “Naapon” and will be following her ongoing activity.”


When asked about the highlights of her first cover and 17th birthday, Asakawa said, “I will turn 17 on the day before it goes on sale, but I was 16 when we shot it, so I hope people will be satisfied with me at the very end of 16! [Laughs] We were blessed with perfect weather in Saipan and it was a very spirited and fun shoot. I had a lot of fun, so I hope that fun feeling is communicated through the photos.”


When asked what her favorite memory from being 16 was, she said, in what was a very typical response from the idol otaku who is also an idol herself, “Getting to work with Minami Takahashi! Getting to realize my heart’s desire with someone who I had admired since I was in elementary school was beyond my favorite memory of being 16 — I think it has to be the best memory of my life so far (laughs)!”


On her ambitions for being 17, she said, “To enjoy the freedom of being 17 (and on the cusp of adulthood) and to make it a very 17-like year. Also, I want to become able to gradually repay the favors many people have done for me.”

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