Nana Asakawa From SUPER☆GiRLS Causes Big Fuss Online With Her Big Bust!

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Nana Asakawa From SUPER☆GiRLS Causes Big Fuss Online With Her Big Bust!

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Nana Asakawa from SUPER☆GiRLS has gotten her first photo spread in the July 6, 2015 issue of Shuukan Playboy weekly magazine and it is definitely an eye opener! The impact has caused some news outlets in Japan to refer to her as a “once in 1,000 years ‘baby-faced huge breasts’ (dougan kyonyuu)”, a spin-off of the title given to Kanna Hashimoto, the “once in 1,000 years idol”, who took the Internet by storm a few years ago. As soon as the magazine hit newsstands across Japan on June 22nd, the Internet was ablaze with comments of shock and awe at Nana’s rare beauty.



Not just a cheerful young woman with a cute face and a soft body, Nana is a huge fan of idols too! In fact, it was Nana’s love of SUPER☆GiRLS that encouraged her to audition for the group, leading to her to become a member in February of 2014. It was recently reported that Saitama prefecture is home to the most flat-chested women in all of Japan but, Nana is definitely not one of them!


Although it is quite common for Japanese to be baby-faced, especially in the case of idols, having a curvy body to go with it is quite rare. Ai Shinozaki is a gravure idol who caused quite a stir when she began her career as a teenager because of her similar qualities. At the very least, Nana is older than Shinozaki was when she had her first photoshoot?

Tokyo Girls’ Update has recently been featuring several articles in support of smaller-busted women but, we have also had several articles about fuller figured idols too so, why should this article be any different? Nana Asakawa is a lovely young woman who is following her dreams as a member of SUPER☆GiRLS so, we’re supporting her as well!

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