Get More Hype! Nagi Nemoto (Nijicon) Raps American Dream in the New Maltine Song, “America”

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Get More Hype! Nagi Nemoto (Nijicon) Raps American Dream in the New Maltine Song, “America”

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Nagi Nemoto from Niji no Conquistador released her new solo song “America” in collaboration with Mikeneko Homeless under Maltine Records at the same time as she reached her 17th birthday today.
Maltine Records is an internet label established in 2005. The label deliver tracks based on “POP” and “DANCE” music to everyone.

“America” special website

She released her first solo song “Purity” just one month before, and “America” marks her second solo song. In the new song, she challenged herself in rapping for the first time. This new attempt depicts another perspective of Nemoto, and it seems to amplifies her some irresistible charm.

The ultimate charm of 17-year-old femme fatale is also expressed in the artwork. Can “IDOL” be a enough word to explain her infinite expandable charm? We might be making a big mistake. Perhaps, she might be a real symbol of the world’s advanced mix-culture.
Anyway, check out the new song “America”, celebrating her 16th birthday!

She will hold her birthday event at Ebisu CreAto on March 15th. If you are luckily in Japan now, why don’t you go there?

Niji no Conquistador :
Maltine Records :

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Kenji Harada
Kenji Harada

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