NETS MEN! Be Mosquito Bite-Free In Wearable, Zip-Up Mosquito Nets!

NETS MEN! Be Mosquito Bite-Free In Wearable, Zip-Up Mosquito Nets!

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If you’re one of those people who somehow seems to attract every thirsty mosquito in the area, these cleverly designed, wearable mosquito nets will save you days of tortuous itching and scratching.

Designed and produced by BIBILAB, these human-shaped nets have holes that are only 1mm big. Since mosquitos are said to be 2-5mm in size, the mosquito-repelling gear will effectively block out any blood-sucking pests. They’re also made in three pastel colors, — pink, blue, and white — as opposed to darker colors that tend to attract mosquitos.



The nets work best if you spray it with bug repellent before wearing it, but we can see them being used just fine as they are. They come with zippers at the neck, wrists, ankles, backside, and down the front, so you can free specific parts of your body whenever necessary. You can even go to the bathroom while wearing one!



Each wearable net can be purchased for 6,600 yen (62.97 USD). You may not ever consider wearing them to school or work, but they’re perfect for when you’re working out in the yard, or if you somehow end up near a swamp while out catching Pokémon.


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