Mask As Fashion Item : Mizukitty To Produce Pop and Cute Masks

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Mask As Fashion Item : Mizukitty To Produce Pop and Cute Masks

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Nishikawa Mizuki aka Mizukitty, the number one model for the popular teen magazine“Popteen”, is collaborating with “gonoturn” to produce orginal Mizukitty designed masks.

“gonoturn” is a popular Japanese Mask brand that concepts “Cute and Justice” as their brand motto. Their products are capturing many of the Japanese teens with its unique and original kawaii design masks. To widen their recognition to the world, “gonoturn’ is opening up pop up stores in both Laforet Harajuku and Shibuya 109, the most popular shopping districts for young females.

Mizukitty is beyond thrilled to collaborate with the new and exciting brand, as she stated “Gonoturn is known to design cute masks, and it has been such an honor creating 3 fabulous new mask designs for them!”

Each of Mizukitty’s masks will be released every month starting from this October. The first design will be a checkered, bear shape design. The second will be a one and only collaboration of Mizukitty, Hello Kitty and Gonotan. And the final design will have a print of a toy poodle to look like Mizukitty’s pet dog when wearing the mask.

“ The design of the toy poodle was inspired by my pet. The fluffiness of the mask will be the perfect warmth for this coming winter! I also love how I’ve mixed elements of what I love with Hello Kitty to create a unique design. It’s gonoturn’s first time producing a checkered printed mask, and I think it I’ve created fashionable masks that will suit everyone!”, said Mizukitty when asked about her designs.

Nishikawa Mizuki’s charisma is seen through her modeling, producing abilities, commercials and event appearances, and now she is growing her career to a world wide audience. The teen sensation will release her exclusive mask range every month from this October to December. In celebrating the first release in October, the Laforet Harajuku Pop up store will also open on the same day.

Also, there is a special event scheduled from 10 am on the 6th of December, for those customers that purchase a Mizukitty mask will have an opportunity to take a one-on-one photo with Nishikawa Mizuki. Why don’t you try out a “pop and cute” mask today? All the masks are 2000 yen including tax.

Checkered Bear Mask
The red and green checkered pattern will become the pop of colour in your out fit! It also comes with a bear-like design that adds another layer of cuteness to your look. In stores on October 31st.

Mizu-Hello Kitty mask
The unbelievable collaboration of Nishikawa Mizuki, Hello Kitty and Gonoturn is here! Mizuki is known for her love toward Hello Kitty seen in her nick name Mizu’kitty’. The release date, November 10th is the middle of Hello Kitty’s birthday, (November 1st) and Mizukitty’s (November 16th). In stores on November 10th.

Toy-Poodle mask
The cuteness of the mask comes from the fluffy material that has never been used on a gonotan mask. The stuffed toy like mask mimics Mizukitty’s beloved pet toy poodle Kurin. In stores on December 6th (Special event held at Shibuya 109 pop up store on this day)

The special event
To attend the special event, those customers that have purchased a Mizukitty mask will be given an event attendance ticket from 10am on December 6th at the Shibuya 109 pop up store.
The event schedules a photo taking session with Nishikawa Mizuki.
*Please aware that there may be limited in the number of masks sold at the store.
*There is a possibility that the event might be re-scheduled or cancelled.

When: from 10am on December 6th
Where: gonoturn pop up store Shibuya 109

The places of where the masks will be sold at:
Popup stores
gonoturn Laforet Harajiku
gonoturn Shibuya 109

Other stores
gonoturn online store, VANQUISH stores, 3rd by VANQUISH stores

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Translated by Sakurako

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