MIKU EXPO 2014 Announces Final Guests Before Her USA Television Debut!

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MIKU EXPO 2014 Announces Final Guests Before Her USA Television Debut!

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October 7, 2014 – MIKU EXPO has exploded into a massive multi-featured event, with several guest and special event announcements before Hatsune Miku‘s USA television debut on David Letterman in October 8.

Hatsune Miku’s appearance on the nationally-televised show gives American audiences a preview of the MIKU EXPO performance awaiting fans at L.A.’s Nokia Theater and New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom during the next 2 weeks.

As we introduced before, MIKU EXPO recently revealed its Halloween Party Area Map for the L.A. event at Los Angeles Center Studios, which will include an art exhibition, limited-edition goods, and the 360-degree “Skylight Theater feat. Hatsune Miku”. Another major event is the Hatsune Miku Halloween Dance Party hosted by L.A.-based J-Pop music event group Tune in Tokyo, with special guest DJs from Japan including “BIGHEAD” – the composer of MIKU EXPO theme song “Sharing The World” -, and multi-talented producer Machigerita.

In New York, Simone Legno from tokidoki will give an exclusive signing session at HATSUNE MIKU EXPO at gallery Wallplay, celebrating the tokidoki x Hatsune Miku collaboration. New York fans can also take part in the Hatsune Miku panel at New York Comic Con, the Piapro Postcard Exhibition at Kinokuniya, and grab exclusive goods.

The official Hatsune Miku Facebook page has revealed that Hatsune Miku’s live performances in New York and L.A. will be a mix of English and Japanese songs, including the fan-favorite song “The World is Mine”.

A special Nendroid Hatsune Miku Halloween version figure by Good Smile Company will be released for the MIKU EXPO event, available at the Miku Monster Store (L.A.) and at NYCC and Wallplay Gallery (New York)

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“Sharing The World” by BIGHEAD feat. Hatsune Miku :The official theme song for the event

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HATSUNE MIKU EXPO presents multiple activities featuring Hatsune Miku, including an artwork exhibition focused on the virtual singer and the cultural movement she inspired, fan gathering activities, and — the ultimate highlight — the Hatsune Miku concert show using cutting-edge projection technology and a live band.

LOS ANGELES – The HATSUNE MIKU live concert is hosted in Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, with the collaborative exhibition hosted by Miku and her friends at an early Halloween party at Los Angeles Center Studios. At the exhibition, you can enjoy artwork displays, a special Halloween-themed area, and a shop where you can buy exclusive goods, including special Halloween items!

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in Los Angeles
Live Concert Dates: October 11th & 12th
Live Concert Venue: NOKIA Theatre
Website: Website:

NEW YORK – The HATSUNE MIKU live concert is held in New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, and the exhibition is hosted in Lower East Side concept space Wallplay over a period of eleven days. The exhibition shows illustrations, videos, and more, revolving around Hatsune Miku and the theme of Universal Positivity.

HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2014 in New York
Live Concert Dates: October 17th & 18th
Concert Venue: Hammerstein Ballroom

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