Who Are The Microphone Soul Spinners, A High School Girls VTuber Unit of Rappers ?

Who Are The Microphone Soul Spinners, A High School Girls VTuber Unit of Rappers ?

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In recent years, Virtual Youtubers, Virtual humans and virtual influencers have grown in popularity.
Now, the “Microphone Soul Spinners“, a virtual rap unit of 4 high school girls, is actively working on anime, CD debut, web radio regular appearances, and SHOWROOM official live streams.

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In July 2019, an audition was held at SHOWROOM, to cast the girls who would become the voice and soul of the virtual characters. Over 600 applicants were gathered, 4 characters were born, and Kotodama Shoujo Project began.

The original characters were created by Suzuhito Yasuda of “Durarara!” and “Yozakura Quartet” and the script by Toshiya Ono of the “Land of the Lustrous”, “The Promised Neverland” series.
Director Masaya Kakehi, who is the director of “Tora-san, I became a cat”, the movie that Hiromitsu Kitayama of Kis-My-Ft2 first starred in, is the animation director, joins a stellar lineup of creators.
In addition, popular artists such as rapper KEN THE 390 have joined an ambassador, as well as TOKYO GIRLS’STYLE‘s Yuri Nakae, and the female rap unit, lyrical school as official supporters.

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“Microphone Soul Spinners” is a unit formed in the anime. The setting is the private school St. Hierarchy Academy. The school specializes in entertainment, where all students are star candidates, and the top of the hierarchy is the student council called Prism Girls, only 0.027% of the student population can wear a special prism – colored ribbon.
The 4 members of “Microphone Soul Spinners”, come up against Prism girls. It is a story of youth in which these four girls rise up from the bottom of the hierarchy in a rap battle.

The members consist of the following four.
They have already released a solo single.

The Captain is Raimu Mukoda. a 2nd year idol major of the going-home club. She entered the school aiming to be an idol, but failed in the first semester of the year. She is a sophomore at St. Hierarchy Academy.

Shiika Yosano was a descendant of Akiko Yosano, a Japanese poet and a member of the Haiku club. She is a first-year student at St. Hierarchy Academy.

Himawari Kawabata is 3rd year comedy major of the one-shot gag club. She has a negative personality. She is a third-year student at St. Hierarchy College. She has to stay behind one more year due to a lack of attendance.

Chieri Villeneuve used to be a Prism girl, but she’s half Japanese and half Canadian, and she wants to be a model. She is a third-year student at St. Hierarchy Academy.

Check out their four Twitter accounts!

Also, as new characters, the “RabbyTwins” belonging to the anime research department will appear!!
Ibuki Oe, the older twin sister.

Fubuki Oe, the younger twin sister.


On March 25, 2020, their first unit CD “Microphone soul spinners!“will be released.

And on March 6, 2020, the MV of the coupling song “BATTLE ON THE T.O.P” was announced.

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Please check out the activities of the 4 girls as they progress to a new stage, through many platforms including.

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