Mayu Tomita Testifies Against Stalker in Court

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Mayu Tomita Testifies Against Stalker in Court

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Singer-songwriter Mayu Tomita (21), who was viciously attacked outside Event Space Solid in Musashi-Koganei, Tokyo on May 21, 2016, testified against her assailant Tomohiro Iwazaki (28) at Tachikawa District Court on February 23, 2017.

Tomita, who received 34 knife wounds to her face, neck, and chest in the attack, has difficulty eating and speaking, experiences narrowed vision, and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result.

Iwazaki has plead guilty to the crime and it is expected that he will serve a 17-year prison sentence.

The final judgement is scheduled for February 28, 2017.

The Mayu Tomita Stabbing Incident and the Problem of Protecting Stalking Victims in Japan

Hidden behind a curtain, Tomita delivered an emotional plea:

I would think that the people who visited me were coming to kill me and I have not been able to relax due to those feelings of anxiety.

The studying at university which I love, the music and stage plays which I love so much, every precious thing that I had been working towards up until now, were snatched away from me in a moment. I want the days where I could spend my time normally returned to me. I want my body without wounds to be returned.


A person who selfishly embraces such one-sided feelings could kill someone.

I cannot even count the things that have been taken away from me by the selfish actions of my attacker.

I think my attacker has not had a single moment of introspection, as I was delivering my statement, he was definitely laughing to himself. It is likely that he will come to kill me next time.

The attacker has appeared to kill me in my dreams so I have not been sleeping at all.

I cannot forgive him as there are so many scars that remain on my body and in my heart.

He cannot be left to take care of himself.

In order to prevent an incident like this one from ever happening again, to prevent anyone else to suffer like I am, I would like to see a harsh sentence.

During Tomita’s testimony, Iwazaki shouted “Then, kill me!” (じゃあ殺せよ) and was heard repeating “It’s not like I was going to kill you” (殺すわけがないだろ), causing the judge to order him to be removed from the courtroom.

The prosecution’s statement:

The accused was merely a fan, someone with underdeveloped people skills, who harbored a one-sided grudge against the victim, leading to him committing the crime. With a strong intent to kill, he planned out the attack, stabbing her 34 times in an extremely selfish act.

The defense’s statement:

The accused, with strong feelings of anger and sadness, went to the venue determined to ask the victim why she had returned the present he had given her. It was not systematic but, an impulsive act. I learned that after the attack, it was the accused that was the one who contacted emergency services.


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While Mayu Tomita may be one of the most-publicized cases of a young woman being attacked by a stalker in recent memory, her pleas for a harsh sentence should not end with the judgement on Iwazaki but, should be a catalyst for revising the anti-stalking laws in Japan to protect anyone else from having to experience the trauma she has experienced and must live with for the rest of her life.

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