Maison book girl Pull Back the Curtains on the MV for “sin morning”!

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Maison book girl Pull Back the Curtains on the MV for “sin morning”!

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Maison book girl have revealed the MV for “sin morning” from their 1st major label album “image” (release date: April 5)!

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The MV for “sin morning” was created by Kenta Suzuki (direction/editing), Kanta Mochida (visual effects), and Rakutaro Ogiwara (film direction) and features the members of Maison book girl popping out of the screen in 4K while English translations of the lyrics flash by. It is also available for viewing on Vimeo with super high resolution audio and video!

Maison book girl has also released a pair of live videos from their March 12, 2017 “IN CLOSET” performances at Tokyo Kinema Club.

Contributor Wanted!!

Contributor Wanted!!

“image” was released in a limited edition which includes a photobook and a regular version. “faithlessness” was also included on a CD which was paired with Maison book girl’s Blu-ray of Solitude HOTEL 2F, their sold-out November 6, 2016 one-man live at Shibuya WWW X. In addition to in-store release events that began on March 18th, Maison book girl is in the middle of a one-man live tour which began on April 2nd in Niigata and with dates in Nagoya (April 15), Fukuoka (April 23), Sapporo (April 29), Osaka (May 4), with the finale taking place at Akasaka BLITZ on May 9th.

Track List

01 ending
02 sin morning
03 end of Summer dream
04 veranda
05 faithlessness
06 int
07 townscape
08 karma
09 screen
10 blue light
11 opening

Maison book girl “image” release tour

April 29, 2017 (Saturday)
Sapporo DUCE
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:00pm
Presale – 3,500 yen Door – 4,000 yen (+1 drink minimum)

May 4, 2017 (Thursday)
Open – 5:15pm Start – 6:00pm
Presale – 4,000 yen Door – 4,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)

May 9, 2017 (Tuesday) – Tour Finale “Solitude HOTEL 3F”
Akasaka BLITZ
Open – 6:00pm Start – 7:00pm
Presale – 4,000 yen Door – 4,500 yen (+1 drink minimum)

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image [iTunes]
Solitude HOTEL 2F + faithlessness / Maison book girl

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