Get Your Training On At Japan’s First “Maid Gym” In Akihabara

Get Your Training On At Japan’s First “Maid Gym” In Akihabara


We’ve all vowed to regularly hit the gym at one point in our lives, but for a lot of us, it takes so much more than dreams of having a killer beach body to really push ourselves and put blood, sweat, and tears (mostly tears) into intense workouts. Well, if you think a kindhearted professional trainer in a maid outfit will be enough motivation to head out for an hour or two of some weightlifting, 2017 might be your lucky year.

Currently collecting funds on Campfire is the Maid Gym Project, a crowdfunding effort to create a weight training gym where your personal coach also happens to be a cute maid. Providing one-on-one sessions for their dearest clients, the maids will not only help you get that six pack but will also give you the kind of emotional comfort you won’t be able to get at the local gym.

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Though the project will be accepting funds until the end of February, its plan for Japan’s first-ever Maid Gym has already achieved the goal amount of 700,000 yen (US $1,666). The gym is scheduled to open in Akihabara around May 2017, and a team run by professional trainers and health care providers will be making sure this new workout haven only provides reliable services of the highest quality.

Aside from the one-on-one training you can receive at the Maid Gym, the obvious other perk of this location is the maids. If putting in hours at the gym alone or with a tough personal trainer seems a bit intimidating, these gentle maids will help coax you through your workouts and keep encouraging you to achieve your goals. The professional training and the pleasant company of the maids will make you want to keep going back every week, or even every day.

While the gym will first start off with maid trainers only, the facility is also considering adding “butler trainers” for clients who are looking for a fine gentleman to help them along with their training.

Whether you’re looking for the helping hand of a kind maid, or simply a different kind of gym to work out in, the Maid Gym is definitely a must-try facility for current and future weightlifting buffs. Stay updated via Campfire and get ready to become a new member at this truly one-of-a-kind gym.

Source:Campfireメイドジム PR動画

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