LoVendoЯ held the FIRST LIVE abroad at J-POP SUMMIT FES in San Francisco!!

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LoVendoЯ held the FIRST LIVE abroad at J-POP SUMMIT FES in San Francisco!!

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Japanese Girls Band “LoVendoЯ” appeared in the talk & live event “TOYOTA × STUDIO4ºC meets ANA” at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL held in San Francisco on July 27 and 28.

In the event LoVendoЯ collaborated with characters of the animation collaboration project “PES ( Peace Eco Smile.)” The vocal and former Morning Musume ace Tanaka Reina commnted “when I saw the collaboration movie for the first time, what I felt good was it’s finished in pop and comical. There are lots of eggplants in the video and especially I sympathized with the eggplant that has a three-eyelash because I also have a three -eyelash as my point of make-up!”

She also mentioned about the song “Konoyo ni Shinjitsu no Ai ga arunara” “It’s the first original song for us. I love this song, so I am very happy for showing you the song as our first original tune. I am also happy about the collaboration because when I listened to the song for the first time I thought it would be good to be a theme song of an anime. Therefore I am glad it became a reality.”

LoVendoЯ performed four songs including “Konoyo ni Shinjitsu ga arunara” at J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL. Besides, events such as an autograph session also made fans excited.

“LoVendoЯ” is a four-piece Girls Band belongs to UP-FRONT PROMOTION which manages Hello!Project.

The members

Vocal : Tanaka Reina (former Morning Musume ace)
Vocal : Okada Marina (as known as “Okamari”)
Guitar : Uozumi Yuki (as known as “ne-san”, means big sister”)
Guitar : Miyazawa Marin (as known as “Marin”)

written by Yuji Hara
Photos & Footage (c) Gettyimages for Toyota

ToyToyota project: PES (Peace Eco Smile) Concept

Human evolution is represented by the history of mobility. Cars bring our mobility to life, and yet all too often, everyone talks about the complicated technological aspects of automobiles rather than just the joy of mobility. TOYOTA has discovered the “TOY” in its own corporate name as the origin of lively and cheerful joy. Then, as part of ToyToyota projects aimed at spreading the joy of mobility, TOYOTA and STUDIO4ºC, a leading Japanese animation studio, have together created an animation series, PES (Peace Eco Smile), following a curious alien exploring the joy of driving and the importance of safety.

In 2013 as a new “NEXT GENERATION”, PES is producing creative animated works in the basis of the theme “Environmental Integration” (which includes conservation of the environment, caution for energy problem and the idea of ecology to realize the sustainable society where people can live with nature and society harmoniously). Every director of these works is unique but the theme they want to convey is the same with PES.

Through the animated works, PES hopes to convey these messages, globally, though out all generations, especially to art loving people.

The special PES website:

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Yuji Hara

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