If You Don’t Know, You Will Soon: La PomPon Debut Details Revealed!

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If You Don’t Know, You Will Soon: La PomPon Debut Details Revealed!

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La PomPon (Power Of Music, Pride of New generation) exploded upon the scene this past August and will be making their major label debut on January 28 with their first single “BUMP!!” on Being,INC., the company responsible for the legendary Japanese rock group B’z and singer Mai Kuraki.

After making a huge impression at Tokyo Idol Festival 2014, La PomPon became a topic online with users commenting on the high performance level of the group that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. But, this “overnight success” was the result of the members training and practicing every day for two years. Even though their Twitter account has long surpassed the 9 tweets it had during TIF, La PomPon doesn’t seem to be in any rush to reveal too much too soon.

Riding the wave of momentum from this summer, La PomPon’s first single includes “BUMP” and “Koi no ABC”, two of the original songs that many attendees of Tokyo Idol Festival became obsessed with upon hearing the group for the first time. There will also be a third as of yet unnamed song to be included on the single as well. While it may seem odd to recommend that you get excited about a group that many of you have not fully seen or heard before, when you do, you will understand.

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