Keyhole Sweater Goes Viral and Unlocks a Wave of Creativity in Japanese Twittersphere

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Keyhole Sweater Goes Viral and Unlocks a Wave of Creativity in Japanese Twittersphere

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A turtleneck sweater is meant to keep the neck warm during those cold winter months but recently a particular style of turtleneck has caused many to get hot under the collar for a different reason.

Triggered by a tweet from female cosplayer Myako, the keyhole turtleneck became a new fetish item!
This may be seen as an evolution in the fetish of vertically ribbed turtlenecks, which also draw attention to the curves of those wearing them. We know we shouldn’t stare but it’s difficult to keep ourselves from NOT staring!

In reality, this sweater is not as popular in Japan as you would think because it is considered “too sexy and revealing”. However, a picture where a woman had put a box of tissues into the keyhole (in order to solve the “problem”) created a equally large buzz on the Internet.

With so many people catching colds during the winter, why not just have them stored in your sweater for easy access? No more digging through your pockets or purse! Just be careful if you’re near anyone else who needs them because something awkward might happen.

Affected to this trend, boys also started enjoying the sexy sweater.

They even cut normal sweaters to make their own!

Leave it to Japan to jump on a trend and come up with some unexpected results!


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